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White Horse Surveyors share software success story

White Horse Surveyors, the UK's largest independent residential surveying firm, has recently shared their success story of integrating digital software solutions, Survey Booker and GoReport, into their business operations.

In a video testimonial, Rachel James Surveyor Management Director, Luisa Desousa Operations Director and Alan Mead Surveyor Training Manager of White Horse Surveyors talk about how the innovative framework of their chosen technology suppliers has enabled White Horse Surveyors to streamline and advance their operations and surveying processes as they execute on their long-term goals. They explain how the use of these digital solutions has eliminated manual and inefficient processes, enabling their team to rapidly produce high-quality and consistent reports, and improving the turnaround time for clients.

Rachel and Luisa go on to speak about how the adoption of technology has also enabled the creation of more inclusive experiences for customers and staff, providing them with the power of automation to better manage enquiries, quoting, terms, payments, and progression through to submission of the final report.

“Partnering with GoReport and Survey Booker gives us the power to apply that innovative framework by bringing our systems and data together so that our teams can streamline and advance our operations and surveying processes as we execute on our long-term goals. We are excited to see how else we can keep building on our progress with these systems to offer more services and options to our customers.”

“As the largest surveying practice in the UK carrying out high volume residential surveys, White Horse Surveyors thrives on innovation”

Claudia Sesterheim, Chief Executive Officer

White Horse Surveyors

The testimonial highlights the power of the integration of White Horse Surveyors’ chosen digital solutions, how technology has enhanced the customers experience and streamlined their processes. It is fair to say that the successful implementation of such digital solutions is a testament to White Horse Surveyors' commitment to innovation and their customers.

About White Horse Surveyors: Established in 2006 White Horse Surveyors are the UK’s Largest Independent Residential Surveyors. Based in Chippenham, the surveying practice now operates a wide network of 40 professional surveyors in England and Wales, providing RICS Level 3 Surveys, Level 2 Surveys and a range of Private Valuations. Surveyors work from their home postcodes with expert local knowledge of the housing market in their area.

About Survey Booker: Survey Booker is the leading surveying CRM and survey management system designed to help you spend more time with customers and on fee earning and less time on admin and compliance.

A full turnkey solution, connect your other systems, personalise your account, streamline your customer experience and start operating more effectively. For more information visit

About GoReport: GoReport is an industry leading solution that digitises surveying, inspection and reporting, for residential and commercial property surveyors. Our software enables our customers to provide comprehensive digital data capture and the efficient production of consistent, high-quality output reporting and analysis while providing flexible options for collecting data and preparing reports exactly to your specification. If you are curious to learn more, click here to get in touch



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