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White Horse Surveyors adopts new digital process

White Horse Surveyors, a UK-based surveying company, recently announced its successful adoption of Survey Booker, a CRM system designed specifically for the surveying industry.

Luisa Desousa Operations Director for White Horse Surveyors discusses processes and reviews their recently adopted CRM. To watch the video and read the original article click here.

Prior to switching to Survey Booker, the company faced numerous challenges due to its mainly un-automated and admin-intensive system. It lacked ongoing training, support, and integration with other systems, leading to regular errors and issues for the entire team.

The primary goal for White Horse Surveyors' switch to Survey Booker was to streamline internal processes, improve the customer journey, and automate systems that previously took up valuable admin time for the team. The system's integration with all other systems, automated notifications, and managed flow of leads from different sources have enabled the team to save time and resources, reducing administration time by approximately 35 to 43 hours per month for payments and Level 2 jobs, respectively.

With more time available, White Horse Surveyors has increased its conversion rate, worked on more leads, and built stronger relationships with referral partners. The introducer’s module has enabled the team to track leads and instructions from every introducer without having to speak to a member of the team. The customer portal, which shows all quotes and progress in one place, has enabled customers to access their designated sales account manager through email or messages.

Survey Booker has also helped White Horse Surveyors comply with all data protection demands by providing an audit trail and activity log for each instruction. The system holds each agreement and term on record, ensuring data protection compliance. The team has been most impressed with the ease of using the system and the support provided at every stage from before, during, and after the initial setup.

It seems White Horse Surveyors' switch to Survey Booker has enabled the company to save time, reduce costs, increase sales, build stronger relationships with referral partners and customers, and comply with data protection demands.

In conclusion, if you're a surveying business looking to streamline your processes and improve your customer journey, there are a range of digital solutions available to you, including CRMs such as Survey Booker.

Be sure to check out our other articles and guides for more information on how to review, choose and successfully implement these solutions into your business.


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