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Urgent action needed: MPs call for local approach to combat heatwave risks

Urgent action needed: MPs call for local approach to combat heatwave risks

In response to growing concerns over the risks posed by heatwaves, Members of Parliament (MPs) are urging for a locally led approach to retrofitting houses in order to safeguard the most vulnerable individuals in the UK.

The Environmental Audit Committee has sounded the alarm on the nation's lack of preparedness in tackling rising temperatures, warning that heatwaves, often dubbed as the 'silent killer,' could potentially claim up to 10,000 lives annually without concerted action.

In their latest report, the committee emphasises the need for urgent measures to address overheating in homes, calling for existing initiatives focused on insulation and energy efficiency to be expanded into a comprehensive national retrofit programme. This programme, the committee insists, should be spearheaded by local authorities, who are best positioned to understand and address the specific needs of their communities.

Crucially, the report underscores the necessity for long-term funding to support the implementation of these retrofitting initiatives, highlighting the vital role of sustained financial backing in achieving meaningful progress.

Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP, Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, stresses the importance of collaborative efforts between government departments and local authorities in tackling the heatwave threat. Dunne advocates for the appointment of a Minister with oversight on heat resilience to spearhead this crucial work, emphasising the urgency of the task at hand.

The committee's recommendations highlight the need for swift and decisive action to mitigate the risks associated with heatwaves, underscoring the imperative of proactive measures to protect the most vulnerable members of society. As temperatures continue to rise, addressing overheating in homes emerges as a pressing priority, requiring a coordinated and sustained effort at both the local and national levels.


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