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Michael Gove Calls UK's Housing Model "Broken"

In a recent collection of essays by the conservative think tank Bright Blue, UK Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove has described the country's housing model as "broken." The urgent need for increased home construction to make homeownership more accessible was a key theme in Gove's essay.

Michael Gove - Image: Property Industry Eye
Michael Gove - Image: Property Industry Eye

As reported by Property Industry Eye, Gove stressed the necessity of building more homes, stating, "We desperately need more homes to bring ownership within reach of many more people." This concern aligns with ongoing debates about housing accessibility and affordability in the UK.

Conservative MP Shaun Bailey also expressed his concerns in the report, noting that the supply of quality housing has failed to keep up with demand, leading to rising house prices over the past two decades.

The Conservative Party had initially pledged to build 300,000 homes in England each year by the mid-2020s in their 2019 manifesto. However, the government has since faced criticism for making this target advisory rather than mandatory.

Bright Blue's CEO, Ryan Shorthouse, echoed the need for "genuinely affordable and appropriate housing accessible to a much wider proportion of the population, especially younger generations and those on modest incomes." Shorthouse emphasised that a range of innovative solutions is needed to address the housing crisis effectively.

The Bright Blue report features over 60 policy recommendations, including the increase of social homes, decentralisation of planning power, the creation of a community right to buy, and the encouragement of brownfield site usage.

Gove's acknowledgement of a "broken" housing model and the insights shared in the Bright Blue report highlight the urgency of finding solutions to make homeownership more attainable and housing more affordable for a broader segment of the population.


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