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Rogue Spray Foam Installers Continue to Plague Homeowners

Rogue Spray Foam Installers Continue to Plague Homeowners

Recent reports reveal that vulnerable homeowners, particularly pensioners, are still falling prey to unscrupulous door-to-door spray foam salesmen, despite the potential of spray foam to render homes unsellable. These rogue installers promise 'today only' deals for 'cheap insulation,' charging thousands of pounds for their services, but frequently fail to apply the foam correctly, leading to damp issues in roofs.

As reported by The Negotiator, even though a new code of practice has been issued, cases of improper spray foam installations persist, causing significant problems for homeowners looking to sell their properties. Surveyors often recommend the removal of improperly installed spray foam before a property can be sold. Without the removal of polyurethane foam, buyers are unable to secure a mortgage, rendering affected homes ineligible for sale.

Nationwide highlighted the alarming rise in cases of homeowners experiencing issues with such insulation, stating that it has led to around 250,000 homes being ineligible for mortgages. The surge in problems is attributed to homeowners' increasing desire to make their homes more energy-efficient and cost-effective, which makes them more susceptible to the promises of rogue installers.

To address these issues, the Insulation Manufacturers Association (IMA), which comprises manufacturers, installers, surveyors, valuers, and lenders, published a code of practice on spray foam installation in May. Additionally, the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA), an independent trade body for surveyors, retracted its earlier guidance on spray foam installation. The initial guidance suggested that, in the absence of detailed technical information, surveyors should recommend the removal of foam and the replacement of the roof.

These developments are aimed at improving the quality and safety of spray foam installations and protecting homeowners from unscrupulous operators. However, it is essential for homeowners to exercise caution and ensure that any insulation work is performed by reputable and certified professionals to avoid potential problems and financial losses down the line.

Source - The Negotiator


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