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RICS Expresses Concern Over Rishi Sunak's U-Turn on EPC Minimum Standards

RICS Expresses Concern Over Rishi Sunak's U-Turn on EPC Minimum Standards

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has raised concerns regarding Chancellor Rishi Sunak's recent reversal of position on Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) minimum standards. RICS, typically known for its measured stance, issued a statement emphasising the ongoing indecision regarding EPCs and related matters, suggesting that it is affecting confidence in the built environment sector.

The regulatory body for surveyors noted that the housing industry has been seeking clarity on EPC standards and additional support for an extended period. RICS also welcomed the government's announcement of additional support for the boiler upgrade scheme but stressed the importance of a comprehensive strategy that extends beyond energy products to promote energy efficiency and decarbonisation.

Moreover, RICS called on the government to present an alternative solution to enhance energy efficiency, recognising its significance in addressing climate change, economic well-being, and social welfare. The organisation recommended a much-needed reform of the EPC methodology to ensure accurate assessment and incentivisation of energy performance improvements.

Within this framework, RICS highlighted the importance of the new second edition of Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the Built Environment (WLCA) as a valuable tool for achieving net-zero targets in the built environment sector, both in the UK and globally.

The RICS statement reflects the organisation's concerns about the lack of clarity and consistency in government policies related to energy efficiency standards, which play a crucial role in addressing environmental challenges and improving the quality of housing in the UK.


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