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RICS launches new guidance to drive diversity and inclusion

RICS launches new guidance to drive diversity and inclusion

RICS has taken a significant step towards fostering diversity and inclusion within the profession with the launch of new guidance designed to supplement its Rules of Conduct Rule 4.

The guidance, titled 'Developing an Inclusive Culture', has been developed in collaboration with RICS members and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) experts, aiming to promote good practice in encouraging diversity and inclusion.

The guidance covers six key areas, including inclusive spaces, recruitment, policies, culture, everyday work life, and career progression. By providing insights into these aspects, RICS intends to support its members and firms in cultivating inclusive environments and practices.

Recognising diversity, equity, and inclusion as a priority, RICS underscores the importance of attracting and retaining talent from diverse backgrounds, regardless of gender, race, disability, neurodiversity, class, religion, sexual orientation, or age. Diverse teams are known to foster creativity, innovation, and efficiency, essential qualities in an evolving professional landscape.

Moreover, the guidance aims to equip RICS professionals worldwide with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver better outcomes for stakeholders and the broader public. It particularly targets SMEs and sole practitioners, offering them access to specialised advice, tools, and resources to develop sustainable DEI practices.

Through this initiative, RICS seeks to expand support for its members and firms, fostering an inclusive profession where everyone can thrive, realise their potential, and contribute to positive social impact.

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