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RICS Introduces new guides & training to standardise global carbon assessments in construction

RICS Introduces New Guides and Training to Standardise Global Carbon Assessments in Construction

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has launched two new guides as part of the second edition of the 'Whole Life Carbon Assessment' (WLCA) standard, introduced in November 2023.

These guides, released in alignment with the ‘Buildings and Climate Forum’ in Paris, aim to standardise carbon measurement practices globally. The titles, ‘Global harmonisation framework for whole life carbon assessment' and 'Whole Life Carbon Assessments – a guide for clients’, seek to promote the adoption of the WLCA standard internationally.

Acknowledging the built and natural environments' significant contribution to global carbon emissions, RICS developed the WLCA standard to assist in decarbonising the built environment through a whole life cycle approach to carbon assessments.

To support the implementation of WLCA, RICS has also introduced a module-based training course and formal certification for professionals, aiming to close the knowledge gap and facilitate effective application of the standard. Further details on the training and the new guides are available on the RICS website.


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