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RICS heads to the Côte d'Azur - MIPIM 2024

RICS heads to the Côte d'Azur -  MIPIM 2024

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is set to join the Road to Zero initiative as a coalition partner at the forthcoming MIPIM 2024, taking a significant step towards promoting sustainability within the real estate sector. Scheduled to be held from 12-15 March in Cannes, MIPIM is renowned as a premier international event for real estate professionals, offering RICS an ideal platform to underscore its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

The Road to Zero initiative is dedicated to catalysing transformative changes across the industry, aiming to fast-track the journey towards decarbonisation. RICS President Tina Paillet will lead discussions on the Road to Zero stage, delving into strategies for financing the net zero transition and fostering greater collaboration among stakeholders to enhance sustainability efforts.

"RICS is pleased to announce its participation as a Road to Zero coalition partner at MIPIM 2024," the organization expressed, highlighting its alignment with the initiative's objectives of addressing the urgent need for industry-wide sustainability and environmental stewardship.

On a notable day, 14 March, RICS will conduct a partner session on the London Stage, focusing on "Unpacking the building and climate agenda: the of the built environment value chain in making the Buildings Breakthrough a reality." This critical session aims to explore the vital contributions of the built environment sector in achieving global sustainability targets, emphasising the importance of integrating climate considerations into all facets of building and development.

Additionally, RICS plans to host a series of events throughout the event, including the RICS Members Reception. Scheduled for 12 March at Hotel Barriere Le Majestic, this annual gathering is expected to welcome 200 international members. It will feature insights from RICS senior leadership on the latest European news and market developments, providing a unique opportunity for members to engage with industry leaders and peers on pressing issues facing the real estate sector today.

For professionals and stakeholders interested in being part of these pivotal discussions on sustainability and the future of real estate, RICS has made registration details available for those wishing to attend the RICS Members Reception and other associated events during MIPIM 2024.


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