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RICS Granted Observer Status at COP28: Paving the Way for Sustainable Built Environments

RICS Granted Observer Status at COP28: Paving the Way for Sustainable Built Environments

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has received a significant honor as it has been granted observer status for this year's United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), taking place from November 30 to December 12 at Expo City, Dubai. This recognition places RICS, which represents more than 134,000 professionals in the global built environment industry, at the forefront of the world's premier climate change conference.

The United Nations' COP28 event is split across several thematic days, and it includes various discussions, negotiations, and events. RICS has gained access to the Blue Zone, which is open to accredited party and observer delegates, allowing its representatives to participate in formal negotiations, the World Climate Action Summit, country pavilions, presidency events, and numerous side events, including panel discussions and round tables. This observer status positions RICS as a crucial influencer in the global climate change policy discussions.

One of the key focuses of RICS at COP28 is the urbanisation day, where they plan to rally global and local stakeholders to mobilise resources and solutions for decarbonising the built environment and investing in nature-positive infrastructure. The United Nations has recognised that the built environment is responsible for approximately 40% of global carbon emissions, making it an essential partner in achieving net-zero goals. RICS is committed to spearheading this effort and providing tools for skilled professionals to meet these critical targets, including forthcoming global guidance on Whole Life Carbon Assessment.

The Whole Life Carbon Assessment guidance is a groundbreaking development by RICS, allowing developers to track the carbon emissions of a project and its asset throughout its lifetime. This tool helps industry professionals quantify the carbon footprint and plan effectively for carbon reduction.

Justin Young, CEO of RICS, expressed his enthusiasm about the institution's involvement in COP28: "It is excellent that RICS will be present at the beating heart of the upcoming COP28 conference in Dubai. By granting RICS Observer Status, the United Nations recognises the importance of including the built environment – and RICS as a representative – in the global conversation on climate change. I am especially pleased with this recognition by the UN, as it demonstrates the leadership role that the institution has in steering the built and natural environment towards decarbonisation."

Tina Paillet, RICS President Elect, highlighted the institution's commitment to promoting sustainability and achieving net-zero goals, saying, "By accrediting RICS with official observer status for COP28, the United Nations has recognised the importance of our sector in climate change and the influential role RICS brings to the table in these crucial multilateral negotiations."

RICS's involvement in COP28 is a significant step towards addressing the global climate crisis, particularly within the built environment sector. With its vast network of professionals and commitment to sustainability, RICS is well-positioned to drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world.

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