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RICS Surveyor of the Year 2022, Zoe Baker, Releases informative book for homebuyers

RIC's Surveyor of the Year 2022, Zoe Baker, Releases Informative Book for Homebuyers

RICS Surveyor of the Year 2022, Zoe Baker, a recognised business owner, influencer and advocate within the surveying industry has expanded her role by co-authoring a book titled The £5 Billion Homebuyer Secrets Guide alongside Garrett O'Hanlon.

Released on November 1, 2023, the book quickly climbed to the number #2 spot on Amazon's best-sellers chart. The £5 Billion Homebuyer Secrets Guide is designed for potential property buyers in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, aiming to shed light on potential oversights that buyers might unknowingly make. With over 50 years of combined experience in buying and professionally inspecting properties, Baker and O'Hanlon intend to guide readers towards making well-informed decisions about their property investments.

Miss Baker and Mr O'Hanlon express a mission to assist the homebuying public in saving a substantial amount annually in the residential homebuying sector. Their book provides a comprehensive guide to help individuals avoid common pitfalls and adopt a financially sound approach to property acquisition.

The book, available to buy on Amazon, aims to simplify and demystify the entire home-buying process, providing readers with insider tips, hints, secrets, and guidance. It is divided into sections such as "Secrets and Lies," "Serious Health Risks," "7 Things to Never Do," and "The Worst Advice in the World," promising to unlock the secrets of the right way to buy property.

For those wanting to know "the right way to buy property and how to significantly improve your financial health". The £5 Billion Homebuyer Secrets Guide could be a worthy addition to their wish list for Santa!"


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