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Revolutionising property valuations: Hometrack's new tool

Revolutionising property valuations: Hometrack's new tool

A recent article from The Negotiator highlights a groundbreaking app designed to revolutionise property valuations for estate agents. Released on November 17th, the article introduces Hometrack's latest product, which utilises comprehensive comparable data to facilitate more accurate valuations.

According to the article, the new Hometrack Comparables product offers a wealth of property information, including attributes, year built, energy performance, property subtype, tenure, floor area, and valuation data such as last sale date, amount, and current value. With three API endpoints available, the product provides comparables through UPRN lookup, map vector tiles, or geo searches.

Updated every 30 days, the datasets feature tiered pricing, allowing customisation for businesses of all sizes. Ross Allan, Head of Property Data Solutions at Hometrack, emphasises the versatility of the product beyond traditional mortgage valuations. He states, "Comparables is a fantastic example of this and can be used by estate agents to get ahead of the competition by understanding the latest pricing information on properties in their area and using it to expand their knowledge of their local market."

Can technology, such as this latest tool, help bridge the gap between surveyor and agent valuations by offering estate agents access to more comprehensive and accurate data? We eagerly anticipate the progress of Hometrack's tool and similar valuation tools.


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