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PropTech Connect 2024: The forefront of Real Estate innovation comes to London

This September, London will host Europe’s largest PropTech event, PropTech Connect 2024. This pivotal event is set to gather the most influential figures in the real estate and property technology (PropTech) sectors. Scheduled for the 4th and 5th of September at the prestigious InterContinental - The O2, it promises to be an essential meeting point for industry leaders.

PropTech Connect 2024 aims to foster the effective adoption of technology within the real estate sector. This two-day event will serve as a critical platform for over 5,000 global executives, investors, and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, explore innovative solutions, and drive industry advancement.

The conference format includes a series of high-impact meetings, keynote speeches, and panel discussions, ensuring attendees gain valuable insights into leveraging technology to enhance their business operations. The event is structured to balance the perspectives of traditional real estate leaders and pioneering entrepreneurs, enhancing understanding and collaboration across the industry.

What to expect:

  • Expert Speakers: This year’s lineup features renowned industry leaders such as Mark Allan, CEO of Landsec; Neil Slater, CEO of Redevco; and Claire George, CTO of Savills IM, among others.

  • Innovative Networking: With a 'speed dating' approach, the event maximises interaction between participants, facilitated by a sophisticated networking app designed to schedule and manage meetings.

  • Comprehensive Experience: Attendees will enjoy two days of entertainment and refreshments in a world-class venue, fostering an environment conducive to both business and leisure.

“This is on a different level completely, wonderful networking and energy.”

Daniel Wishnia, Aroundtown SA

Industry Impact

As a proud press partner, Surveying.News is excited to support PropTech Connect 2024, a catalyst for transformation within the real estate sector. The conference is set to deliver actionable insights that will empower professionals to drive their businesses and the industry forward. As evidenced by testimonials from last year’s attendees, the event has established a reputation for unparalleled quality and impact.

“Hands down the best event I have ever been to. From my POV it was beyond comparison.”

Edward Anderson-Bickley, Legal & General

PropTech Connect 2024 represents not just an opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments but also a chance to actively shape the future of real estate through technology and innovation.

For more information on speakers, agenda, and registration details, visit the PropTech Connect website.

An event poised to set new standards in the integration of technology and real estate. Whether you are a seasoned executive, an investor looking for the next big opportunity, or an entrepreneur aiming to make your mark in the PropTech industry, this event is an indispensable platform for growth and learning.

Mark your calendars for a transformative experience in the heart of London this September.


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