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New Mould Regulations for Landlords and Agents Following Toddler's Tragic Death

New Mould Regulations for Landlords and Agents Following Toddler's Tragic Death

In response to the tragic death of two-year-old Awaab Ishak last year, Housing Secretary Michael Gove and Health Secretary Steve Barclay have announced new regulations for property managers. The ministers emphasised the need for tenants to be housed in decent homes and treated with dignity and fairness.

The government plans to move forward with the introduction of a new private-sector landlord ombudsman, as confirmed in the recent announcement. Additionally, guidance to landlords in England regarding mould and damp health risks will be reviewed, with new guidelines expected in the summer.

In a letter to coroner Joanne Kearsley, Gove and Barclay expressed their commitment to improving tenant conditions nationwide in memory of Awaab Ishak. They stated, “Awaab’s case has thrown into sharp relief the need for renewed action to ensure that every landlord in the country makes certain that their tenants are housed in decent homes, and they are treated with dignity and fairness.”

The ministers outlined plans for all private landlords in England to become members of the Private Rented Sector Landlord Ombudsman, created through the Renters Reform Bill. This measure aims to provide tenants with redress for legitimate complaints about their homes, fostering better understanding of rights and obligations for both tenants and landlords. The new Ombudsman is expected to facilitate earlier and quicker resolution of complaints, reducing the need for court escalation and untimely evictions that can be costly for both parties.


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