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New Competence and Conduct Standards Proposed for English Social Housing

New Competence and Conduct Standards Proposed for English Social Housing

The Department for Levelling-up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) has unveiled its long-awaited proposals aimed at enhancing the competencies and conduct of professionals in the realm of social housing across England.

These initiatives stem from the government's commitment to elevate standards and ensure the well-being of tenants, particularly following tragic events such as the Grenfell Tower fire and the unfortunate death of Awaab Ishak due to mould exposure.

In collaboration with RICS, DLUHC has crafted these proposals to bring about substantial improvements in social housing practices while harnessing the expertise of professional bodies to uphold quality and regulation. RICS will be actively engaging in the consultation process in the coming weeks.

Key features of the proposed standards include:

  • Oversight by the Regulator of Social Housing to ensure registered providers adhere to competency and conduct standards in managing social housing services.

  • Mandating every social housing provider to establish a written policy outlining their approach to staff skills, knowledge, development, and conduct.

  • Introduction of minimum qualifications for senior housing executives and managers, designated as the Relevant Person within the standard, with specified educational requirements.

  • A transitional period of 24 months, during which Relevant Persons must attain or be working towards the necessary qualifications.

DLUHC acknowledges the value of professional body qualifications and memberships, proposing that individuals affiliated with such bodies can fulfil compliance through relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD) if their qualifications fall short of the stipulated standards.

Mairéad Carroll, RICS Senior Specialist in Property, welcomed the consultation launch, emphasising the crucial role of professionals in ensuring safe and high-quality housing for all. Carroll underscored the need for adequate resources to support improvement initiatives, effective regulation, and robust tenant engagement.

With numerous RICS members actively involved in social housing, Carroll highlighted the association's commitment to providing the necessary resources and support to help members meet the new standards. RICS looks forward to collaborating with DLUHC to refine the policy and ensure its members continue delivering exemplary services to social housing tenants.

Click here to access the original release from RICS.

RICS is actively seeking input from its members for our response to the consultation. They encourage members to share their insights and comments by emailing Sam Rees, RICS Senior Public Affairs Officer, at before the submission deadline.


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