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MIPIM 2024: Pioneering the future of Global Real Estate amidst uncertainty

The 34th edition of MIPIM, held from 12-15 March 2024 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, marked a significant gathering of the global urban community, bringing together over 20,000 delegates from 90 countries.

This year's event, themed "Housing Matters!" on the preceding Monday, showcased emerging opportunities in the realms of life sciences, housing, and renewable energy, attracting investors, political leaders, and real estate professionals to discuss the future of the industry.

With an expanded footprint featuring 340 stands and pavilions spread over 19,500 sqm, MIPIM 2024 saw new delegations from diverse regions including North America, the Middle East, and South East Asia, indicating a robust interest in exploring opportunities amidst global challenges. Institutional investors managing assets over €4 trillion were among the attendees, underscoring the event's role in shaping investment strategies across the globe.

The festival distinguished itself as the most sustainable edition to date, with commitments to greener, cleaner, and more diverse participation, alongside an increased social impact. Aligning with high-profile business alliances like the “Road to Zero Alliance,” MIPIM 2024 embarked on a decarbonisation journey, reflecting a sector-wide urgency to address climate action and the built environment's role in the green transition.

Notable contributions from industry and political figures highlighted this urgency. Former Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, emphasised the importance of being front-runners in green innovation, stating, “Without a green future, there is no future. When you do things first, you create opportunities.” Similarly, Sophie Haestrop Andersen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, stressed the necessity of public support and collaboration for effective climate action.

The discussions also ventured into the dynamics of capital flows into emerging asset classes, with the housing emergency taking center stage. MIPIM facilitated a platform for discussing innovative solutions, attracting housing ministers from France, the UK, and Germany to draw investments into their countries. Additionally, sectors like life sciences and renewable energy were spotlighted, with speeches from global political leaders, including the Prime Minister of Thailand and Oman's Minister of Housing and Urban Planning.

UN Assistant Secretary-General Michal Mlynar highlighted the global need for affordable housing, emphasising that "96,000 new, affordable homes need to be built across the world every day." Joanne Henderson from CBRE underscored the potential in life sciences real estate, suggesting a broader involvement from developers in the sector.

MIPIM 2024 also launched the MIPIM Challengers initiative to engage the next generation of real estate leaders in addressing sector challenges with innovative solutions. RIBA President Muyiwa Oki praised the initiative, noting the potential of concepts like urban farming to address real-world problems.

Nicolas Kozubek, MIPIM Director, reflected on the event's success, expressing hope for the industry's future and anticipation for next year's gathering. MIPIM's role as a platform for discussing new approaches to urban and societal challenges was celebrated, with Kozubek looking forward to another successful Global Urban Festival in March 2025.

MIPIM's commitment to addressing the most pressing challenges facing cities and society was evident throughout the event, setting the stage for future discussions and innovations in the global real estate industry. MIPIM returns to Cannes in March 2025, with the MIPIM Asia Summit scheduled for December 2024 in Hong Kong.


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