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LinkedIn abuzz with concerns Over White Horse Surveyors' unexpected closure

LinkedIn abuzz with concerns Over White Horse Surveyors' unexpected closure

In a surprising turn of events, the recent temporary closure of White Horse Surveyors has sparked a wave of discussions and concern across the surveying community on LinkedIn.

Rumours and statements about the company's financial troubles and the plight of its employees have ignited conversations and offers of support.

A prominent influencer in the industry took to the platform to express their concerns, saying, "Some of you may have already heard that surveyors working for White Horse Surveyors are in difficulty; as I understand, it is not in administration yet, but employees have not been paid this month as they try to secure a buyer. That means no redundancy, either." They called upon the surveying community to come together and offer help, job opportunities, and resources to those affected.

The post extended a hand of support by sharing helpful links for surveyors who now find themselves in need of new employment opportunities. Their message resonated with many in the community, highlighting the industry's tradition of solidarity in times of need.

A recruitment consultant also posted: "With the sad news of White Horse Surveyors being unable to pay many of their employees for last month, it has resulted in the redundancy of approximately 80 Surveyors!" He offered his services to assist these displaced employees who, as of yesterday, suddenly find themselves without jobs.

The exact reasons behind White Horse Surveyors' abrupt cessation of operations remain unknown, but comments on LinkedIn, while mixed, suggest financial constraints as a probable cause. Some individuals have expressed criticism regarding the situation, while others have offered empathetic and supportive words.

White Horse Surveyors has long been a respected figure in the surveying industry, and the community can only hope for a positive resolution to this unexpected turn of events. The outpouring of support on LinkedIn serves as a testament to the industry's resilience and willingness to help its own during challenging times.


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