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Agents need to shout out about what's going right in the property market

Agents need to shout out about what's going right in the property market

Kate Faulkner, a property expert, writes in the most recent article published by The Negotiator that amidst the negative headlines about declining property prices, it's crucial for local property market experts to emphasise what's going well in the real estate market.

With a well-put argument that the media tends to focus on bad news, creating unnecessary panic. Kate advocates for a more balanced approach that showcases areas and property types that are performing well. By educating potential buyers and sellers about their local markets, they can make informed decisions. This approach can help counter the wave of negativity in the press and ensure that people with valid reasons for moving are not discouraged for no good reason.

Kate mentions several areas and property types that are still doing well based on recent surveys and reports. For example, the mid-market second-stepper sector and the top-of-the-ladder sector are 14% behind 2019's level in terms of sales agreed, while the smaller home, two-bedroom, and fewer market sector is only 9% below 2019's level.

The article emphasises the importance of local agents who are at the forefront of these markets. They have firsthand knowledge of what's selling well in their areas and can provide valuable insights.

In the East Anglia region, the private rented sector (PRS) market has strong demand, especially for newer 2-4 bed houses. In London, the market remains busy, and buyers are adapting to the new normal of mortgage rates. Many local agents have reported resilience and steady market conditions.

Kate Faulkner (Image: The Negotiator)
Kate Faulkner (Image: The Negotiator)

"Agents need to counter the wave of negativity"

Kate encourages local agents to showcase what's going right in their markets. Whether through social media or traditional media, highlighting areas and properties that are performing well can contribute to a more balanced perspective and help maintain market momentum.

Understanding what is still selling well and why is essential for both industry professionals and potential buyers and sellers, ensuring that they make informed decisions based on the local context.

For more detailed insights into areas that are doing well, refer to The Negotiator


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