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Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Property Industry

THE NEGOTIATOR: "Lucy Love says seeing women in leadership roles shows that there is room for everyone to succeed within the property industry."

Lucy Love, Head of Marketing, ESE Capital (The Negotiator)
Lucy Love, Head of Marketing, ESE Capital

A Call for Equality

In a recent article from The Negotiator, Lucy Love emphasises the need to shatter the glass ceiling within the property industry. With only 22% of board and leadership positions currently held by women, there is a stark gender inequality gap of 31% in an industry where diversity and inclusivity should prevail.

Despite a nearly equal split between men and women in buy-to-let investment (52% men and 48% women), other sectors within the property industry reveal alarming disparities. For instance, in the construction industry, comprising over 2.5 million people, only 11% are women. Less than one-third of practising architects are women, and major housebuilders lag in admitting women to their upper echelons.

A recent story covered by The Neg highlighted a 31% wage gap between men and women in the property industry. The Women Count 2022 report, focusing on the FTSE 350, underscores the economic impact of gender imbalance, suggesting that achieving balanced executive committees (ExCos) responsible for decision-making could boost the UK's GDP by around 2.5%.

The article argues that women in leadership roles bring diverse perspectives and innovative thinking to an industry often perceived as outdated. Emma Mansell, Managing Director of The Modern House, serves as an example of a woman breaking through the glass ceiling in the property sector. Her leadership has transformed the contemporary estate agency, emphasising good design and sustainability.

The property industry's gender inequality is a significant challenge that cannot be ignored. Increasing the representation of women in leadership roles not only challenges stereotypes but also inspires a new generation of ambitious women to pursue careers at all levels within the industry.


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