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Insurance Giant Warns: Over 100,000 New Homes in England at Risk of Flooding

Insurance Giant Warns: Over 100,000 New Homes in England at Risk of Flooding

A recent analysis conducted by insurance giant Aviva has revealed that more than 100,000 homes built in England over the past decade are susceptible to flooding, with a significant number lacking adequate defences against such disasters.

According to the findings, approximately 8% of all newbuilds, totalling nearly 110,000 homes, are situated in National Flood Zone 3, where there is a 1 in 100 or greater annual probability of river flooding. These properties, constructed since the end of 2013, face heightened risks of flooding, with some lacking any form of flood protection.

Jason Storah, Chief Executive of UK & Ireland General Insurance at Aviva, expressed concern over the situation, particularly given the recent devastation caused by winter storms.

Storah highlighted the absence of coverage under the Flood Re insurance scheme for these newly-built homes, underscoring the potential financial risks faced by homeowners and tenants.

Storah emphasised the importance of implementing strengthened rules to prevent the development of buildings in flood-prone areas, advocating for climate-ready housing solutions capable of withstanding the impacts of climate change.

He stressed the need for collective action to address the challenges posed by extreme weather events, urging stakeholders to prioritise the creation of safe and sustainable homes for future generations.

As climate-related risks continue to escalate, Aviva's analysis serves as a stark reminder of the imperative to adopt proactive measures to mitigate flood hazards and ensure the resilience of new housing developments in the face of evolving environmental threats.


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