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Homes England acknowledges its key role in national housing and regeneration efforts following Public Bodies Review

Homes England acknowledges its key role in national housing and regeneration efforts following Public Bodies review

In a recent press release, Homes England has welcomed the findings of an independent Public Bodies Review published on 8 April 2024, underscoring its pivotal role in driving the government's housing, regeneration, and levelling up agendas. The review, facilitated by the Department for Levelling Up, Homes and Communities (DLUHC), reaffirms Homes England's critical contribution as a national public entity in shaping the country's landscape, supporting local leaders, affordable housing providers, and the private sector in realising their housing and regeneration aspirations for community benefit.

Over the past five years, Homes England's efforts have been significant, leading to the development of more than 186,400 new homes, unlocking land for nearly 400,000 additional homes, and assisting over 252,500 households into homeownership. The review not only highlights these achievements but also acknowledges the agency's unique expertise and the potential to further enhance its role in master development across urban and settlement areas.

The Public Bodies Review is part of a government initiative to periodically evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of arm's length bodies (ALBs). Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Homes and Communities, expressed his support for the review's findings, stating, "Today’s independent report shows Homes England is the right vehicle to deliver more affordable homes and support our plans to regenerate towns and cities across the country".

Peter Freeman, Chair of Homes England, embraced the review's positive acknowledgment of the agency's efficiency and governance, noting that while many of the recommended improvements are underway, others would necessitate collaborative changes with the DLUHC and Treasury, potentially revolutionising the way new homes are delivered and communities are nurtured.

Peter Denton, Chief Executive of Homes England, highlighted the dedication and effort of the agency's staff and partners during challenging market conditions. He emphasised Homes England's integral role in facilitating local regeneration and housing delivery through its resources, expertise, and partnerships, aiming to amplify the collective impact on housing and regeneration across the nation.

By 2025, Homes England anticipates establishing six strategic place partnerships with combined authorities, impacting over 13 million people across various locations, including Bradford, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Plymouth, demonstrating its commitment to place-based work and national development goals.

The comprehensive review is accessible on the website, offering insight into the transformative potential of Homes England in shaping the UK's housing landscape and community regeneration efforts.


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