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Homeowners empowered with new "GreenVal" tool

Homeowners empowered with new "GreenVal" tool

Habito, a digital mortgage broker, has joined forces with AI-driven proptech company Propflo to empower homeowners in enhancing the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of their properties.

The collaboration introduces GreenVal to existing Habito customers, marking a groundbreaking advancement in the mortgage intermediary sector. GreenVal offers a revolutionary solution, presenting a comprehensive business case that meticulously outlines the benefits and costs associated with improving a property's energy efficiency.

Key features of GreenVal include a resilience rating, which considers factors such as thermal comfort, air quality, and financial stability. The tool also provides direct quotes from accredited national suppliers and offers low-cost, do-it-yourself improvement opportunities that are available for direct purchase.

Recognising the pivotal role of intermediaries in advising homeowners, especially with forecasts indicating that intermediaries will be responsible for 90% of mortgage distribution by 2024, up from 84% in 2022, Habito aims to leverage this partnership to provide its customers with unparalleled support and guidance.

As the first major mortgage intermediary to utilise such a tool, Habito is committed to collaborating with Propflo and lenders to ensure homeowners have access to the most suitable finance options for their energy-efficient initiatives.

William Rhind, VP Mortgage Advice and Growth at Habito, expressed the significance of addressing the challenges posed by rising mortgage costs and energy bills. He highlighted that through this partnership, Habito aims to empower its customers to potentially reduce both financial burdens, thereby enhancing their overall quality of life.

The collaboration between Habito and Propflo underscores a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, marking a significant step forward in supporting homeowners in their journey towards a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective future.


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