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Gove Unveils Pre-Election Plans to Tackle Housing Crisis

Gove Unveils Pre-Election Plans to Tackle Housing Crisis

In a bid to address the ongoing housing crisis, Housing Secretary Michael Gove has revealed ambitious pre-election measures, including a substantial £3 billion boost to the government's Affordable Homes Guarantee Scheme.

The expansion of this scheme, aimed at facilitating the construction of affordable homes, is expected to pave the way for the creation of an additional 20,000 new dwellings. This injection of funds into the Affordable Homes Guarantee Scheme underscores the government's commitment to providing accessible housing solutions for citizens across the UK.

In conjunction with this financial support, Gove is set to announce an extension to existing legislation permitting the conversion of commercial buildings into residential properties without the need for planning permission. The extension will encompass shops and offices of any size, further streamlining the process of repurposing underutilised spaces to meet housing demands.

These pre-election initiatives come amidst escalating concerns over housing affordability and availability, with the government doubling down on its efforts to tackle the crisis head-on. With housing remaining a pressing issue for many voters, Gove's announcements signal a concerted effort to address these concerns and deliver tangible solutions in the run-up to the upcoming elections.


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