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Glamour and Excellence: RICS Matrics Surveyor Award Winners 2023

Surveyor of the Year 2023 award winner Carolyn Brady MRICS.

Nestled in the very heart of Leicester Square, the opulent Londoner Hotel set the enchanting stage for the prestigious RICS Matrics Surveyor of the Year ceremony.

Bringing together inspiring professionals in the surveying industry. The black-tie affair was a symphony of elegance, featuring a delightful fusion of drink receptions, fine dining, awards and inspirational speeches, paying homage to the tireless commitment and unwavering dedication of those who have made exceptional contributions to their respective fields.

The distinguished recipients of the RICS Matrics Surveyor Awards celebrated as exceptional professionals in various categories, are as such:

Carolyn Brady MRICS - RICS Matrics Surveyor of the Year

Sam Nicholson MRICS - Mentor of the Year.

Philippa Sampson-Bancroft MRICS - Ambassador of the Year.

Joshim Uddin MRICS - Valuation Surveyor of the Year.

Joseph Ellison MRICS - Residential Property Surveyor of the Year.

Matthew Collett MRICS - Quantity/Construction Surveyor of the Year.

Laura Hibbs - Project Management Surveyor of the Year.

Ginny Banham MRICS - Land (Rural and Urban) Surveyor of the Year.

Jassimran Lall MRICS - Facilities Management Surveyor of the Year.

George Hooton - Commercial Property Surveyor of the Year.

Max Chambers MRICS - Apprentice of the Year.

The SurveyingNews team extends warm congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding accomplishments, as well as to the nominees. The ceremony was a jubilant occasion that acknowledged unwavering dedication, innovation, and invaluable contributions to the surveying field. We eagerly anticipate the next year's event and extend our heartfelt congratulations to RICS for hosting another splendid awards ceremony.


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