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Fourth Version of BASPI Form Launched with Enhanced Building Safety Queries

Fourth Version of BASPI Form Launched with Enhanced Building Safety Queries

The latest iteration of the BASPI (Buyer’s and Seller’s Property Information) form has been launched by trade and representative bodies from the legal, surveying, estate agency, and property management sectors.

Developed by the upfront information working group of the Home Buyers and Sellers Group (HBSG), BASPI is a comprehensive dataset designed to serve as a "single source of truth" for all the information required when a property is put up for sale.

The BASPI is divided into two parts, with Part A covering material facts disclosure required by Trading Standards regulations, and Part B including additional information essential for the legal process. This form allows sellers to ensure their property is both "market ready" and "sale ready."

The latest version of the BASPI introduces eight new questions to facilitate pre-population of forms used in the home moving process. A significant change includes a specific question on building safety, addressing the External Wall System (EWS) form and broader inquiries on overall building safety and remediation, capturing information within the seller's knowledge since the publication of the Building Safety Regulations under the Building Safety Act.

As the BASPI is completed by the seller, it will be verified via the Leasehold Property Enquiry Form (LPE1), providing conveyancers with early insights into the process. Other updates align with National Trading Standards Estate & Letting Agent Team (NTSELAT) guidance on mandatory material information during property sale listings.

Beth Rudolf, Director of Delivery at the Conveyancing Association, emphasised the importance of the BASPI in securing necessary information for consumers to make informed decisions about property purchases. The ongoing work within the HBSG aims to ensure the BASPI remains relevant and up-to-date.

Mairéad Carroll, Senior Specialist, Property Standards at RICS, expressed RICS's support for developing and updating the BASPI. Carroll highlighted the need for data integrity and accessibility to facilitate smooth transactions, benefiting both buyers and sellers.


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