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Emma Walker FRICS - E W Estates "Expulsion" & "Removal"

Emma Walker FRICS - E W Estates "Expulsion" & "Removal"

The Regulatory Tribunal of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has released its findings on charges against RICS member Emma Walker and EW Estates Ltd.

Following an extensive investigation, the Panel found charges of professional misconduct proven and imposed the strongest regulatory action - expulsion from RICS membership and removal of the firm from the Register of Regulated Firms, effective immediately.

The findings of the Disciplinary Panel have now been published and can be found here.

This case highlights RICS' commitment to maintaining professional standards, protecting consumers, and preserving public confidence. While limited in pre-hearing disclosures to ensure fairness, RICS outlines steps to strengthen its regulatory approach, including reviewing cases, enhancing communication, recruiting a consumer advisory group, and improving membership entry processes.

RICS also collaborates with external agencies and other regulators to share information and address regulatory risks. Despite the small number of members subject to disciplinary proceedings, RICS acknowledges the impact on affected consumers and provides guidance on seeking redress through legal avenues, tribunals, and ombudsman services.

To read the original release from RICS click here

Click here to find out more on how RICS handle complaints and concerns.


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