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"13 is lucky for E.surv academy graduates"

13 is lucky for E.surv academy graduates

E.surv Academy Graduates Achieve 100% Pass Rate for AssocRICS Qualification

According to a recent article by The Negotiator, all thirteen graduates from E.surv's 2022 academy have successfully obtained their AssocRICS qualification with a remarkable 100% pass rate.

The AssocRICS program is designed to diversify the survey and valuation industry by attracting talent from various backgrounds, including recent university graduates. The comprehensive program spans 13 months and includes a mix of weekly classroom training, field trips, and practical experience through shadowing experienced surveyors.

Throughout their training and the submission process, the trainees received support from Technical Partners Kevan Dean, Kevin Keane, Karen Kent, Khushboo Rathor, and Senior Technical Partner Andrew McIvor.

Since its inception in 2013, E.surv's program has produced over 350 AssocRICS-qualified surveyors. This achievement reflects the company's ongoing commitment to developing skilled professionals in the field.

For more details, please refer to the original article on The Negotiator


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